Members | The European Collaborative Economy Forumn

The Forum is a neutral body which does not represent any specific company interest or position. All members are considered equal and agree to Terms of Engagement (Version 2, August 2016).

These Terms provide a clear framework of the values and principles which members are expected to follow and how they are expected to participate in the Forum:
  • buy brand priligy Commitment to the Forum: Members agree to engage through the Forum with each other and relevant stakeholders in order to promote the development of the European collaborative economy. Members are encouraged to support the Forum by taking an active role in its activities.
  • Equality of members: All members are considered equal and all dialogue is expected to be held in an open and constructive manner. Processes of the Forum will allow for equitable treatment of all members.
  • Agreement by consensus: The Forum is a consensus based, member driven association. Priorities reflect the broad needs of membership and members agree to work together to develop responses to shared challenges.
  • Conduct of members: Members are encouraged to share information and views about the impact their platforms are having – economically, socially and environmentally – in Europe. Internal discussions between members of the Forum will remain confidential, unless explicitly agreed.
  • Representations by the Forum: External views expressed by the Forum (or individual members of the Forum) should not be taken to represent the views of all members. No member shall purport to represent the Forum or express views on behalf of other members of the Forum, unless explicitly agreed.

EUCoLab members are collaborative economy service providers, working across different verticals and along the entire value chain of the collaborative economy. Current members include: